Top 5 Tips for a Kitchen Facelift

Kitchen Fixtures The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home. We all know from the countless DIY shows that a new kitchen can transform your home – not only for you to enjoy, but also improving your chances of a quick sale should you need to go on the market. But with the average kitchen renovation costing up to £25,000, unless you come into some money or borrow against your mortgage, the cost can be prohibitive. But there are a few easy changes you can implement, to give your aging kitchen a dramatic facelift. Here are our top five:

1. Change the Worktops

This has got to be the quickest way to transform your kitchen. There are multiple options available – from low cost laminate to expensive granite. Glass worktops are really on trend right now, so if you’re looking for an uber cool upgrade, look to this type of worktop. There are literally thousands of colours for you to choose from, so you can match any colourway. With additional effects available, including patterned and even illuminated, there’s definitely something for everyone.

2. Replace your Sink

Even in the age of dishwashers, many of us still find ourselves standing at the kitchen sink. So let’s face it, sinks remain a focal point and an old, stained sink can make a kitchen look really old and dated. There are many options available, from composite sinks that combine crushed granite or quartz with resin to alluring copper. Or for an instant brightening effect, choose a white ceramic sink.

3. Update your Cabinets

Although kitchen cabinets are basically cupboards with built-in shelving for storage, they’re expensive and time consuming to replace. So why not just refresh the doors? There a few options here. The most simple solution is to strip and paint your old cupboards doors. This is a great way to stay up to date with colour trends and is an update you can easily achieve on your own. Or you can completely remove the doors and create open shelving, using gingham curtains if you want to go rustic. Another option is to replace them with glass-panelled doors, which can be frosted if you don’t want your mismatched mug collection on display! Don’t forget to update your handles as well, these are a cheap and effective way to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

4. Redecorate Walls and Replace Tiling

If the walls or tiles above your kitchen worktops are looking a bit jaded, then adding glass splashbacks will not instantly lift and brighten the look of your kitchen, but they also brighten up even the darkest of spaces. As with the glass worktops, you can go for a myriad of colours or patterns, achieving a bespoke finish with minimal financial outlay. Another easy way to spruce up your kitchen is to redecorate. If you have an open plan kitchen diner, then why not create a feature wall? You can go for a contrasting colour or even create a stunning effect with photographic wallpaper.

5. Invest in New Small Appliances

If your budget is incredibly tight, then this has got to be the easiest and most straightforward way to brighten up a kitchen. Get rid of those tired stainless steel kettles and toasters and update them with matching appliances in eye catching colours – from sunny, bright yellows to eye catching reds. Matching sets are easily available on just about every high street, from low cost brands to high end options.

So if you’re planning a kitchen facelift, these are a few ideas that will match every budget. If you need any help with your kitchen transformation then please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1252 834 006 or visit our showroom in Fleet and see our fantastic range of worktops and splashbacks.