Al Fresco Dinning

Sizzle, Fizz, Pop

Al Fresco dinning or “in the cool” as the Italians refer to it, really is the perfect way to enjoy a summer evening in your back garden. After all, is there anything better than spending a warm evening drinking wine, eating fresh food and enjoying good conversation with friends or family?
At Glass Inspirations, we don’t think you can beat it, unless of course you were to jet off to a Spanish tapas restaurant in sunny Barcelona, or a Greek taverna in Crete.

Food Prep Time

There is one issue when it comes to BBQs, they often require lots of preparation, from Caesar salads and homemade wedges to marinated chicken skewers. These recipes can require time and plenty of space, as things can get messy quite quickly without sufficient workspace.

Inspire, Create, Innovate

If you factor in the British weather,which can change in the blink of an eye, a beautiful freshly prepared BBQ can quickly become a complete washout. To help you focus on enjoying that mouth-watering steak or glass of rosé, we have created some tips and advice with the help of our experts at Glass Inspirations, so you can create the perfect preparation area for your BBQ’s:
• Check the weather forecast prior to making any solid plans, (unless of course you are lucky enough to have your very own veranda, gazebo or pergola to protect you from the elements).
• Ensure that you have splash backs by your sinks for when you are tossing the salad.
• Consider a bespoke design, such as Spanish tiles or an outside splashback, if you already have a BBQ preparation area in your garden.
• Ensure that you have sufficient work surfaces for slicing burger buns, preparing skewers and dicing onions.
• Our anti-scratch glass worktops are a great option for the above.
• If you want to create an intimate chill out area outside, why not consider some glass balustrading around your decking.
• Our digitally printed designs are perfect for you, if you want to install a splashback that offers a unique backdrop or focal point.
• Consider creating a nice natural flow from indoors to outdoors by co-ordinating your patio furniture with your interior design.
• Add a few candles, bunting or flowers for a touch of romance.
• Or create an ice cream station with sauces, sweets, wafers and sprinkles for children and those with a sweet tooth.
• Consider adding some coloured cushions or a few throws for comfort. These can be used on cooler evenings when there is a slight chill.
Hopefully some of our tips and advice have inspired you to create the perfect ambience and space for those summer events and endless BBQ’s. If you would like to explore the whole range or chat to one of our team of experts, then why not give us a call today on 01252 834 006 or visit us at our showroom in Fleet.

Garlic and Rosemary Wedges Recipe

Why not give our simple recipe a try and create your own delicious homemade wedges.


• Maris Piper Potatoes
• Olive Oil
• 1 Clove of Garlic
• A Sprig of fresh Rosemary

Cooking Instructions

1. Slice the potatoes into wedges.
2. Spray the baking tray with oil and toss the wedges.
3. Sprinkle a sprig of rosemary over the wedges.
4. Dice and peel a clove of garlic.
5. Add the garlic to the wedges.
6. Spray the wedges with oil.
7. Cook on 200 degrees C in a fan assisted oven until golden brown.
8. Add a pinch of salt if desired.