Choosing a Glass Splashback in your Bathroom

When you begin to redesign your new bathroom, when should you start thinking about a bath splashback? Far from being a finishing touch, glass splashback concepts in the bathroom are revolutionising design in this space. The material is ideal for this room as it is easy to maintain and keep hygienically clean. Glass benefits from being attractively reflective while offering a wide range of colours and finishes that suit any scheme. So how you you choose a bathroom splashback and why is it such an important part of the room?

Why Focus on a Splashback?

In a bathroom, splashbacks can cover a huge amount of space! With sink, bath and shower all in situ, you need to ensure that your walls are properly protected. So from small sink-side zones to entire wall panels, glass gives you the chance to use these areas to create a design focus.

Engineered Glass

Glass wall panels and splashbacks for the bathroom use toughened and engineered glass. The surfaces are super strong and extremely durable. For a room that is in constant contact with water, glass is a material that will not show wear after time in the same way as tiled walls. Glass panels do not require grouted channels, which can be a breeding ground for mould. In this way, glass splashbacks are the most low maintenance option.

Back Painted Glass

It’s not all about the workload though! Back painted glass can be produced in any colour at all. So your bath splashback can be exactly colour matched to your colour scheme or palette. From cobalt blue to vibrant orange, you need not feel constrained when deciding on your bathroom concept. This flexibility is a real benefit to using glass, and one which you will not find from other materials.

Printed Glass

Variety of glass design does not end at colour. Use our printed glass splashback technology to feature any pattern, graphic or image within your room design. You could choose a printed photographic image for that entirely personal touch. Many patterns are subject to a rights payment, but once this is done your printed glass will have striking appeal. Or you could even commission an entirely bespoke pattern or graphic!

Mirrored Glass

We all associate bathrooms with mirrors. So using mirrored glass for your bath splashback or wall panel seems very sensible. You can combine mirrored sections with coloured or printed glass across your room to bring functionality to your splashbacks. Why not further extend the functionality of your glass in the bathroom by adding illuminating features to your mirrored sink splashback? This brings a flawless and seamless line to your walls, making it feel less cluttered and more elegant.

Make it Subtle

Of course, choosing a glass bath splashback does not just work for making a splash! Glass can be the most minimalist and subtle material for low key bathroom designs. Muted tones or transparent glass are ideal around sinks and baths if you love this subtle scheme.

Glass Surfaces

Why not extend the lines of your bath splashback by using glass for your sink surrounds or vanity worktops? By keeping the material consistent around your room, you can create a sense of seamless lines and soft space.

When thinking about your new bathroom then, bump your bath splashback up your list of priorities. When your choice of splashback can change the tone of your room, this one decision can direct your design scheme. To get it absolutely right for you, talk to us here at Glass Inspirations. We have the experience and design flair to help you to arrive at your perfectly designed product.