Getting it Right with Glass Wall Pictures

Do you love the idea of glass wall pictures? Perhaps you’ve been perusing glass splashbacks or panels. The scope for personalisation is wide with this material. Toughened glass can be printed with any of a range of stock images or even your own photograph. In this way, you can commission a completely unique and durable piece of art for any wall in your home. You need not be limited simply to functional splashbacks.

But how do you get it right? Glass is a fantastic wall material as it is both low maintenance and reflective. Your art offers added depth due to the construction of the material itself. So to optimise your glass wall pictures, you need to plan! From size to content to positioning, we look at the ways to make a splash with glass wall pictures.



First decide where your glass wall picture is to be hung. The size of your wall will help to dictate the size of your glass art. A general rule of thumb is to cover around two thirds of the width of the wall. This may be with one large image or multiple smaller ones. A picture should not take up more than 75% of the width of your wall.


The great thing about glass wall pictures is that there is no requirement for a frame. If you do want a framed piece, ensure that you take into account the width of the frame when you calculate the size of picture to order. The bevelled edging of a glass picture, however, generally fulfils the same function as a traditional frame.


Blank Wall

The centre of your picture should be 57 inches from the ground. This is eye level for the average person. Remember to factor in how the picture will be fixed. For example, if it is from a string or wire, you should adjust the hanging point to allow for slack in the string or wire.

Above Fireplace

A fireplace is an ideal situation for a glass image. The fireplace opening, surround and mantel work together to form the appearance of a frame. In this way, the space above benefits from a continuity of the line of vision. Glass wall pictures which are the same width as the hearth, fireplace opening or mantel work equally well. This makes it one of the most versatile locations to hang a picture.

Above Furniture

Whether a sofa or sideboard, if you hang a picture above a large piece of furniture the width of that furniture becomes your guideline over and above the width of the wall. So the picture should not be over 75% of the width of the sofa or sideboard. The bottom of the art should sit between 8 to 10 inches above the top of the furniture. Don’t make the mistake of keeping the art away from the furniture as this often creates a disjointed aesthetic.



Do you have a personal image in mind for your glass wall art? Perhaps a family photograph or memorable landscape? Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit more abstract? Toughened glass can support any printed image, making it ideal for any visual concept that you have in mind.

Split Content

How about splitting your image into different and distinct glass panels, or choosing multiple images within a theme? To get this right, allow no more than 2 inches between pictures on the wall. Do not aim to cover the whole wall. Treat the total area taken up by your multiple panels as the total width and height of the art. In this way, the images will be appreciated together as a unified concept.

At Glass Inspirations, we produce the ultimate in personalised glass printing in bespoke sizes. This means that you can have the best modern and personal design concept adorning any room in your home.