How Can Glass Increase the Value of Your Home

Kitchen Splashback
If you’re undertaking home improvements, you’re likely to be doing so for one of two reasons:

• You’re creating your forever home just the way you like it


• You’re fixing it up with a view to add value for a future sale.

Even if you have no plans to sell your home, it’s still relevant that kitchen and bathroom refits will increase your property’s value. Our home is often the largest investment any of us will make, so when we change it, we naturally want to improve that investment.

So whether you’re living in or selling your home, quality is key. Glass is an ideal material to look at when you’re taking on refit ideas. It works wonderfully in a modern kitchen, bathroom and hallway. Not only this, but it may surprise you just how flexible this material is! Contemporary designs are increasingly popular for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Using glass within your concept will mean that it will not date in the way that some other materials such as composite or vinyl can.

In your kitchen

You’ll most often expect glass in a kitchen to be used for a worktop and sink surround. Your kitchen surface will most often be the first feature that a potential house buyer notices. However, you don’t have to be limited to surfaces. Consider using matching or contrasting glass for hob splash backs, full wall splash backs and kitchen islands.

In your bathroom

From elaborate shower enclosures to vanity sink surrounds, glass can be employed to great effect within a bathroom. A potential house buyer will certainly remember a bathroom which offers a super modern haven of tranquility. With translucent glass contrasted with coloured hues, your bathroom can enjoy a real spa vibe that makes your home more desirable!

Other spaces

So, other than windows where else do you find glass within a domestic property? Engineered and coloured glass is such a versatile material that it can be used any number of ways without ‘over glassing’ your home. Consider staircases or internal doors and screens. The important thing is to be creative. Glass technology has revolutionised interior design, and you can be at the forefront.


For worktops and other surfaces, glass is an incredibly durable material. It is non-porous which makes it both hygienic and easy to maintain. The glass used for surfaces and enclosures is engineered and toughened to make it both tough and safe. The durability of glass is not just down to its properties, though. It’s aesthetically long lasting, too. With the knowledge that this material is growing in popularity, you can be sure that your glass surfaces will stand the test of time.


What is it about glass, then, that makes it aesthetically pleasing enough to sell a home? Range and choice is part of it. Glass surfaces can be transparent, but also translucent, coloured, or even printed. This means that visually this material can sit perfectly within any design concept. The sheen of glass reflects and diffuses natural light around your kitchen, bathroom or hallway. This makes those spaces appear lighter and bigger. This is a great thing for the value of a house!


A huge strength of glass surfaces is their flexibility of function. Your surfaces not only look great, but can be illuminated, etched and shaped. Under-lit worktops give a fantastic contemporary look, for example. Or make corners and edging softer in busy family kitchens where surfaces are ‘head height’!

Our busy modern lives mean that fewer and fewer of us want to buy a ‘project’ house. So don’t forget, a home can be sold on a great kitchen or bathroom. You should not compromise on your concept! If you’re unsure how to order your ideas, or want to find out where glass can work best in your rooms, just give us a call!Insert your text and upload images