How to Choose an Image for a Glass Splashback

Splash back Design

A glass splashback is so much more than the functional kitchen accessory of days gone by. Previously, kitchen designs have sought the cottage feel of ceramic tiles or the stainless steel of a professional kitchen. Now, the toughened and printed image glass splashback has arrived and set the cat amongst the pigeons!

Because it’s no longer just about ease of cleaning. That comes as standard with glass. No longer do you have to contend with annoying discoloured grout or grease-laden steel, since all glass requires is a simple wipe down. Nor is it about the concept. Glass can fit into any decorative scheme. The real consideration for those using glass is one of high-end personalisation. Your kitchen can be totally unique to you. And that’s down to your image glass splashback.

Remember that printed glass is extremely durable, allowing your image to be in place for many years to come. So how do you choose your image to achieve the right look?

Colour Schemes

Your first port of call is your colour scheme. This will dictate the type of pattern or image that you select for your splashback. For designs with green or blue tones, an image based on the natural world works well. Or for bright contemporary schemes, a vibrant pattern of orange or yellow may suit.


How big should you go? Should you cover the whole wall between your kitchen counter and the underside of your wall cabinets? Or just focus on the area by your hob? For larger spaces of wall, a repetitive landscape or pattern which is reminiscent of tiling can work well. Or use a single image that is important to you if the space is framed by your kitchen layout to draw the eye to that image.

Picture or Pattern

Perhaps you have a special landscape that you want to hold pride of place in your kitchen. Or maybe a photograph of a beloved family pet will provide great memories into the future. Alternatively, you may want to create a retro or modernist feel with geometric patterning. Of course, the options extend beyond even visual imagery. Why not create a word cloud to reflect all the things that are important to your family?

Image Theme

For long splashbacks that cover a stretch of wall, consider the theme of the image. Horizon based landscape or seascape images work well here. They can be repeated in a similar way to a pattern. When choosing your image glass splashback theme, make sure that it sits well within the other colour choices in the room. To avoid the space looking too crowded, simple cabinets work best to offset your themed image.


In your search for the ideal source of image glass splashback, you are likely to come across Shutterstock. With a massive library of royalty free graphics, images and photography, this has become a go-to for people looking to complete their kitchen design. Resolution tends to be sufficient for use on large glass panels, so it’s a practical place to look, too.

Personal Library

If you’re using an image from your own collection, it is vital to ensure that the image is a high enough resolution. Obviously, the larger the splashback, the higher resolution the image should be. So, school photos from 1976 are probably not the best idea! But that probably comes as a relief so let’s leave that there!

With so many potential options for your glass splashback, making a final decision can be daunting. At Glass Inspirations we are experienced in all manner of kitchen designs. So why not browse our back catalogue for inspiration and to see how images of different themes can work. We will support you through the process, offering advice on sizing an image to ensure that your finished product is pretty as a picture.