How to Look After Your Glass Kitchen

Have you finally invested in a beautiful glass kitchen? Naturally, you want to look after your kitchen, especially if you have scrimped and saved and decided to treat yourself to brand new design. Whilst you will already do the basics, such as wiping down surfaces and appliances, loading your dishwasher with dirty dishes, cleaning floors and the stove top - here are some extra tips that may help you to get the most out of your glass kitchen.

Prevention is better than cure

Our experts will ensure that all of our materials and installations follow current safety regulations, but there are additional measures that you should put in place to maximise the lifetime of your kitchen glass splash backs and work surfaces. These include some of the following:


When cooking, try to use an extractor fan or ensure that a window is kept open to help improve ventilation in your kitchen. This will help to prevent damage from high humidity levels, which can cause damp.


When removing visible dirt from your glass kitchen work surface, ensure that you take extra care and use an ammonia-free cleaner if you want to achieve an extra shiny finish and ensure that iridescent stains aren’t left on the surface.

Consistency is key

For many of us cleaning up spillages as soon as they occur is second nature but when cleaning your glass splash backs, this will make the whole cleaning process far easier and will simply require a damp microfiber cloth to quickly wipe away any stains. In addition to your daily wipe downs, try and schedule a regular deep clean once a fortnight. This will help you to avoid the build-up of fingerprints, stains, spillages, dirt and dust.

As mentioned above, when cleaning your glass worktops, splash backs or cupboards, avoid any harsh abrasive cleaning products. A mixture of dishwashing detergent with warm water will be more than enough to shift this and will help to avoid any dullness to your surfaces. This can then be wiped off with a dry cloth - never use scourers as this can leave tiny scratches despite the glass being toughened.

Under pressure

One of the great things about glass worktops is that hot saucepans can be placed directly on them without having to worry about any potential cracks. However, it is important to note that this can cause damage such as scratching. To avoid this consider purchasing some protective mats which can then be placed on your work surfaces.

Sunny days

Whilst Spring cleaning means lots of beautiful sunny days, try to avoid cleaning glass splash backs if they are exposed to direct sunlight, as the sunlight can heat the glass surface and result in cleaning products leaving undesirable streaks.


By following these simple steps, you can extend the lifetime of your glass kitchen work surfaces, splash backs and much more - helping you to save money in the long run with minimal maintenance costs involved.

If you have yet to actually consider a glass kitchen then why not take a look at our top five reasons why you should invest in a glass kitchen or alternatively give us a quick call to discuss how we, at Glass Inspirations, can help on 01252 834 006.