Kitchen Storage Solutions with Glass Inspirations

Kitchen renovations can be a very exciting time for us, from picking out the tiles and looking at paint charts, to deciding on a new kitchen appliance and overall features.

However, when it comes to the smaller details such as finding practical solutions to our storage needs, we often neglect to address such issues until we find ourselves drowning in saucepans and surrounded by a whole array of groceries.

So to help you get organised this summer, here are some of our top storage solutions at Glass Inspirations, allowing you to streamline your space and organise your ingredients so cooking becomes a breeze and you can reclaim your status as the MasterChef of your household.

Work that Worktop

At Glass Inspirations we have a wide range of beautiful glass worktops, so to truly show it off to its full potential why not create some additional space by hanging your cooking utensils on hooks or a pegboard? Alternatively, you could consider installing a secret drawer within another drawer to store your knives away from any prying eyes, which will also help to protect your family by keeping little fingers well away.

Sustainable Storage

When it comes to your kitchen, your worktop and splash backs aren’t the only opportunities for you to consider using glass. You’ll find that glass mason jars can also be used to store your pasta, spices or cereals in and are another fantastic way for you and your family to recycle any old jam jars.

Splash back Splendour

Your splash back needn’t be neglected either, why not create a beautiful focal point by installing one of our stunning designs which can then act as a backdrop to your crockery and glasses. By opening up your storage space this will help to speed up the process of emptying the dishwasher.

Interior Design

Out of sight, out of mind may have been your go-to philosophy in the past, but by keeping items that are frequently used to hand and stacking pans and lids in a more efficient manner, you can make smarter use of any space that is already available to you.

One Stop Stations

Whether it’s a baking station full of cupcake cases, spatulas and measuring cups or simply some everyday essentials such as table mats, napkins and tableware, a mobile trolley can be a great way to store those items that you use daily.

Multi-Functional Pieces

If you want to make your kitchen the place where you and your family gather after a long day at the office or school, but find yourself lacking the space to house a dining room table and chairs, then a kitchen trolley can also act as an island and dining table. Simply add a few stools around it!

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

You may be wondering what this famous saying has to do with your kitchen storage. So, allow us to enlighten you… Before placing all your smaller kitchen appliances, crockery, cutlery, cooking books and any additional essentials into your kitchen, pull it all out, then arrange it into individual groups.

By breaking down each aspect of your kitchen into smaller more manageable chunks you will feel less overwhelmed and be able to see the bigger picture when it comes to maximising space and utilising what is already readily available to you.

You may already have cupboards and pull out storage space, but by simply placing a divider in or some individual plastic trays you can simplify your recycling process or make it much easier to locate smaller items.

If you would like more information on any of our bespoke glass worktops, splash backs or perhaps you are feeling adventurous and would like to explore our extensive range of glass products, then give us a call on +44 (0) 1252 834 006 today or alternatively visit our showroom over in Fleet.