Pros and Cons of Glass Kitchen Worktops

Glass in the Kitchen
How do you know when glass kitchen worktops are right for you? Of course, here at Glass Inspirations, we think that this material is great in kitchens. Not just for kitchen worktops, but glass splashbacks, screens and shelving. However, we also know that all customers are different. We all have different priorities and use our kitchens in different ways. So to help you decide if glass kitchen worktops are for you, we’ve come up with some pros and cons.


Glass is an extremely low maintenance material. It’s dense, strong and non-porous. So you won’t need to use harsh and abrasive cleaners. There won’t be the accumulated staining and limescale that you can experience with many other worktop materials. These are all clearly positive aspects! However, you know your family’s habits; and if you regularly chuck your house keys onto a worktop, the surface can be scratched. Of course, some habits are worth changing!


Glass is highly resistant to heat. So you can place pots directly on the surface without damage, even if they are straight from the oven. Around your sink, the consistent contact with water won’t leave behind residue and staining as you may find with other worktop materials. This means that your glass worktops are a long term investment. If you enjoy regular style updates you may feel that this is a drawback. However as we all take steps to become less ‘throwaway’, maybe it’s time to make a long term choice.


As a non-porous surface, glass kitchen worktops are extremely hygienic. With just a wipe, the surface is clean. Glass doesn’t experience the same nicks and dents that other surfaces experience. However, you should ensure that you use chopping boards to prevent any surface scratching to the worktop.


Glass is easily worked and shaped. This is what makes it great for bespoke spaces and unusual shapes. For families with young children, you may choose softer rounded edges for your worktops to help to prevent head knocks. On the downside, of course, small children can leave a trail of fingerprints on glass surfaces! Simply wipe down with vinegar to easily deal with this.

Design Concepts

At first glance, glass kitchen worktops appear to be quintessentially modern. With a huge range of colours and printed glass out there, your kitchen can be unique to you. For country-style kitchens, you may prefer wooden surfaces. Don’t discount glass completely, though. With subtle colours and a matt or textured finish, you can achieve many different concepts.


Glass kitchen worktops can be expensive, but this depends on how bespoke you require your glass to be. It is a very flexible material, with a wide range of purchasing options. So with a bit of research and a degree of flexibility, you will find a glass solution to fit your budget.


Glass kitchen worktops are able to create an atmosphere within your home. The surface is reflective and light diffusing. So it’s ideal to brighten darker spaces and give the appearance of space for smaller rooms. It’s not just natural light, though. Your kitchen design can integrate atmospheric lighting solutions underneath cabinets or within work surfaces. So the feel of your kitchen can be altered at the touch of a button.

There’s a reason that glass kitchen worktops are enjoying a sustained increase in popularity. With such strong practical benefits teamed with aesthetic flexibility, glass fits well into a huge range of schemes and circumstances. Your worktops can be sleek and low key, or bespoke and vibrant. So if you’d like to browse your glass options, just contact us.