Space Saving Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

A big, opulent bathroom might be the dream, with a freestanding spa bath, ‘his and hers’ sinks, an armchair and potted coconut palm in the corner. However, the reality for most of us is that we struggle to maximise style and functionality in compact bathrooms, cramped cloakrooms and ensuite shower rooms. But there are a few tricks of the trade that you can use to maximise these spaces and create the small bathroom of your dreams:

Get Spruced Up in a Shower

In an ensuite, you can easily save space by opting for a shower, rather than a bath. There are many size options available, just make sure to always use a clear glass door or screen enclosure, to visually open the area. In a main bathroom, an over bath shower will help achieve the best of both worlds, just again make sure you have a glass screen rather than a curtain, to maintain the feeling of space. If you want to go for a really opulent feel, then install your shower head above the long side of the bath, rather than over the tap end.

Fix Awkward Angles with Corner Fixtures

If your bathroom is an unusual shape, then corner fixtures are a great space saving idea. We’re not just talking sinks here, you can also install corner fitted toilets and shower units, allowing you to maximise functionality without cluttering an already cramped space.

Get Clever with Floating Fixtures

If you look at the size of the ceiling, you can judge the true size of a room. Given this simple fact, you should avoid cluttering floorspace as this will make the room look smaller. A great design tip here is to use floating fixtures, such as sink cabinets, toilets and towel rails. That way you’ll maximise floor space, giving the illusion of a greater space. You can also install wall-mounted taps, meaning that unsightly pipework can be hidden behind walls and units, maintaining a clean and uncluttered feel.

Let There be Light

Clever use of lighting will always make your bathroom more appealing. If natural light from windows is limited, then could you install a skylight? Also, consider the positioning of artificial lighting. LEDs are a great option for bathrooms and far brighter and more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Think about where you’re placing them – they work best above thresholds, steps, sinks and vanity units. Mood lighting is another popular option, and guaranteed to enhance the ambience of any room.

Create an Illusion of Space with Tiling

If you want to make your bathroom appear wider, then tile in a diagonal pattern from the doorway. Another tip is to use the same tiles on the floors and walls, this will make a room appear larger. You can also keep the look clean and simple by using larger tiles or even a single piece of marble. Although more costly, this chic option will make your bathroom look far less busy and will definitely add a touch of glamour to even the smallest of spaces.

Use Colour to Your Advantage

The days of the avocado bathroom suite are – thankfully – long behind us. White bathroom suites, particularly those with a gloss finish, are great for reflecting light around a bathroom. Don’t be tempted to go all white with your tiling and paint work though as this can make a room look stark and clinical. Soften areas with lovely pastel colours, or go for high sheen dark colours on an accent wall. Don’t be afraid to go a bit bold – adding a feature wall with a large print can actually make your cramped cloakroom look really glamorous.

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