Spring Decor for Your Kitchen

kitchen in spring light

Blooming flowers, longer days, brighter colours and baby animals making an appearance are just some of our favourite things about Spring. Of course, spring cleaning is already on your list of things to do no doubt and a glass splash back may have already made an appearance in your kitchen. So, what else can you do exactly to make your kitchen interior feel fresher, brighter and altogether more spring-like? Here are a few tips from us all at Glass Inspirations.

Beautiful Blooms

The quickest way to transform your decor is to purchase some yellow daffodils and place them in a bright vase in the centre of your breakfast bar, dining table or by the window on the ledge. Tulips, bluebells and freesias are also inexpensive options.

Tea Towels

Not only do tea towels serve a purpose, but they can be another subtle way of incorporating the changing season into your kitchen and its decor. Think bunnies, chicks, flowers or pastel tones.

Fresh Herbs

If you have managed to continue with your healthy eating plan since January then you could switch it up a gear by purchasing a few herbs, which can be added to your dishes. Again, this will serve a purpose and act as an additional piece to your spring decor.

Create a Seasonal Focal Point

Much like a shop will often switch up its windows to reflect the changing seasons; you could consider a drinks bar, Easter themed treats or little signs with inspirational quotes.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

If you are seeking to totally transform your kitchen, then fresh pastel colours such as lemon, mint or duck egg blue can really open up and brighten your cooking space. Moreover, you need not paint the whole room – just a simple accent wall will be more than enough to help transform your cooking space.

Display Produce

Lemons, green apples, bananas or oranges can add a splash of colour and will almost certainly help you to minimise any potential wastage.

Spring Scents

You have already added some beautiful blooms, so why not treat yourself to some seasonal hand cream and soap too?

De-clutter Your Space

As mentioned earlier, chances are you have already spent some time tidying up your home, so why not look at using this opportunity as a way to streamline your kitchen storage solutions. If you use technology in your kitchen, then a great idea would be to create a charging point using a rack or stationary organiser to help organise cables. This will also help to ensure that your tablet or phone doesn’t get scratched, damaged or dirty if it is near a food preparation area.

Spring Recipes

If you have a bookstand, then you could use it to display a colourful cookbook. You could also try some delicious new recipes such as fresh salads, hot cross buns or pancakes.

Other Eggcellent Ideas

If you plan on celebrating Easter this year, then you could incorporate the holiday into your kitchen by painting eggs, displaying pretty bunting, Easter-themed egg cups, napkins, tablecloths or bunny lighting.

Make a Splash

If you are looking to invest in your kitchen and its overall look, then why not contact us at Glass Inspirations to talk through some options for alternative splash back designs. You may prefer to pop down to our showroom and explore the full range for yourself. Whatever you prefer we are happy to help.

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