8 Unexpected Places you can Use 6mm Toughened Glass in Your Home

6mm Toughened Glass
Glass within a kitchen is on the up. Advances in engineering have given rise to ever more creative uses. As toughened glass worktops are becoming an increasingly popular option, should your glass story end there? We don’t think so! With as slim as 6mm toughened glass available, there are many parts of your home which can be enhanced with glass. But what is toughened glass and which are the most unexpected home features where glass is great?

What is Toughened Glass?

Tempered or toughened glass is processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments. These treatments increase its strength compared with ordinary glass. The tempering process submits outer surfaces into compression and interior into tension. Because of this, should the glass be broken, it will crumble into small granular chunks instead of shattering into shards as you would expect from ordinary glass. Initially used predominantly for shower screens and glass doors, the engineering process has become sophisticated enough now to colour and image print the glass. This means that toughened glass can now be used in ever more decorative ways, from worktops and beyond.


It is these smaller, more intricate parts of the home which have been revolutionised by thinner, 6mm toughened glass. The slim depth of glass means that you can bring continuation of your worktop or splashback to your windowsills. Glass is so low maintenance and easy to clean, it makes sense to extend this material to sills and reveals.

Decorative Cladding

Any aspect of kitchen design can be tied into your glass concept with slim 6mm toughened glass. This is through bespoke sized glass sheets to clad anything from cupboard fronts to ceiling islands. Glass works particularly well with light, as it can be opaque or translucent to vary the illumination of your space.

Table Tops

Serving purposes from aesthetic to protective, glass table tops are functional and attractive. You may want your dining table to reflect the glass concepts of your kitchen worktops. Or perhaps you want a bespoke size and shape of transparent glass to protect a family heirloom table. The versatility of the material means that it’s the go-to for a huge number of purposes.

Finishing Touches

From light switches to towel rails, glass can now safely be used for all those little details that complete your room design. This enables the space to be more cohesive in concept. You can continue your colour scheme and level of finish through the use of discreet 6mm toughened glass.


The next level of ‘floating’ shelves, toughened glass shelving is more than just functional. From barely there transparency to vibrant coloured glass, the reflectivity of this material disperses light around a room to make it appear brighter and larger. Super easy to clean, you’ll find that these kitchen shelves don’t accumulate grease as easily as some other materials.

Sink Surrounds

Using glass around a sink is a very practical move. It may be integrated with your worktop, or a feature in itself. However you use it, glass responds so much better to constant water contact than other materials. It’s easy to clean just with household vinegar, so you’ll free yourself from that constant battle with limescale. Especially in hard water areas, this makes a real difference.


Extra thick toughened glass is used structurally to great effect. Panels of glass flooring in a domestic space are a really unusual and striking feature. The engineering process with this toughened glass includes an anti slip layer and high thermal efficiency. Clever glass!


Glass simply makes a modern staircase. If you’re updating your home with contemporary accents, a glass balustrade works wonders. Not only does it allow natural light to diffuse within the centre of your home, but toughened glass offers that confidence in the safety of your staircase.

Nowadays, there really is little that glass can’t be considered for within a design concept. With sheets as slim as 6mm, toughened glass is bringing the flexibility of colour and bespoke concepts into kitchen and bathroom refits. Contact us for more information today.