Using Wine and Produce Images on your Glass Splashback

You’ve reached the point in your kitchen design process where you can think about the detail on your glass splashback. Well done! Maybe you’ve not actually reached that point, but the urge to get distracted with detail is too strong… that’s OK, we get it! Sometimes it can be that deciding on a few details can actually help to inform the wider design choices that you need to make. So if you love the theme of a wine glass splashback, you may select a colour scheme that supports this.

Since the kitchen is where you prepare your food and drink, it makes perfect sense to seek decorative imagery from the world of food and drink. But how do you decide which images are for you?

Show what you love:

Wine Lovers

You may not be a wine snob as such… but you’re a bit of a fan of the stuff! So why not celebrate this with wine imagery on your glass splashback? From bottles to glasses and red to white, or even grapevines, there are so many images to choose from. Your wine glass splashback could infer celebration, friendship or elegance. It’ll certainly bring warmth to your kitchen.

Cocktail Connoisseurs

Perhaps your choice of tipple is spirit-based. From martinis to gin fizz, cocktail images can look great on a glass splashback. You may use an image of a single cocktail or prefer one that conveys movement to support that party feeling. If your kitchen is intended as an entertaining space, this line of imagery is great!


Whatever your specialism, you can find a stylish image to match. From coffee to spice, herbs to oils, these glass splashbacks ooze culinary excellence. So use the imagery on your printed glass splashback to really set your kitchen out as a place where cooking holds pride of place.

Sweet Tooths

Most of us enjoy something sweet every now and again. But for some of us, sweeties are on our minds pretty much all of the time. So why not make your kitchen a homage to all things sweet with a fun and cheeky image on your glass splashback? A rainbow of jelly beans or macaron will bring daily joy to your kitchen!

Create a look that is:

Dramatic & Striking

To create a dramatic atmosphere through your glass splashback image, choose something with moving elements. Otherwise thought of as action shots, images like wine cascading into a glass bring a sense of movement to your room. In turn, this produces depth within your decor.

Abstract & Vibrant

For contemporary kitchen designs, bright glass splashback images can be set against clean minimal lines to great effect. Check out zoomed in, colourful shots of ingredients. From shiny peppers to flaming chillis, these images bring a splash of colour and vibrancy to your kitchen. Primary colours are the perfect contrast to monochrome concepts.

Fresh & Natural

A kitchen can be a place of calm or rejuvenation. This is why fresh greens and stark whites are popular colour schemes. Highlight this concept by choosing images of sharp citrus lemons or crisp apples. The light reflectivity of a glass splashback makes this medium ideal for images of natural produce.

Gentle & Serene

Perhaps your design concept is more of a country kitchen or traditional space. This doesn’t mean that a wine and food glass splashback is out of the question. Look for images that are illustrated rather than photographed. Sketched or watercolour images of anything from herb plants to fruit baskets can perfectly convey that more rustic style.

So whatever stage you’re at in your kitchen redesign, it’s worth having a think about where your wine and food passion lies. Through your glass splashback you can help to construct your desired atmosphere for your room. For guidance and tips, just get in touch.