What’s Great about a Bathroom Glass Splashback?

Bathroom Glass Splashback
Refitting a bathroom is an exciting project. This room can be made into a real haven of calm if you make the right decorative decisions. However, don’t forget that a bathroom should also be a functional space. The surfaces and walls come under a great deal of stress from sustained moisture contact. By choosing materials with minimal maintenance requirements you can prevent this room from becoming all about the cleaning!

So in a space that has traditionally been dominated by tiled walls, what opportunities can a glass splashback or panels provide? Let’s start with the practical aspects of a bathroom glass splashback:

Straightforward to install

It’s far quicker to install glass panels than traditional tiling. Without the painstaking need for adhesive, positioning and grouting, fitting costs can come in much lower. Bespoke sized panels are intricately sized for your space, leaving no awkward gaps. This carries the added benefit of making your room seem larger, and your ceilings higher.

Easy to Maintain

Another benefit to the lack of grouting is that you will not experience the gradual layers of grime and mould that can develop on bathroom grout. Once stained, these marks are almost impossible to remove. The smooth shine of bathroom glass splashback offers a quick and easy to clean surface.

Long-term Durability

Over time, ceramic tiles can become discoloured, cracked and otherwise damaged. Bathroom glass panels are constructed with engineered and toughened glass. This makes them extremely durable and able to withstand the pressure of continual use. This is especially desirable in busy family bathrooms.


Your glass panels can last a lifetime. However, some of us prefer more frequent aesthetic change. Should you wish, you can alter your bathroom glass splashback in a fraction of the time that it would take to achieve the same result with tiled walls. In this way, if you do wish to refresh your look, you have the freedom to do so.

So, your bathroom glass splashback has some pretty considerable practical benefits. That’s great! How about aesthetics, though? Let’s take a look at which different looks you may want to achieve with glass…

Looking for a Contemporary Style?

With a massive range of colours and finishes, a bathroom glass splashback or glass panels can fit comfortably within any contemporary design scheme. Bright, bold and vivid bursts of colour give a thoroughly modern look to your bathroom. Especially so when combined with the clean lines of bathroom furniture.

Looking for a Traditional Style?

If you are seeking a more traditional finish, muted colours and textured finishes can work wonderfully on your glass splashback. Or go for black and grey glass panels to contrast with a white bathroom suite for a classic monochrome look with a twist.

Looking for a Luxurious Style?

Glass in a bathroom is an ideal material to combine with function. From illuminated panels to mirrored walls, your bathroom can foster the atmosphere of a spa. Integrate lighting within your bathroom glass splashback for both functional and atmospheric illumination.

Looking for a Personalised Style?

A bathroom glass splashback need not be one single colour. A panel can be printed with anything from a pattern to an image or a photograph. So if you want to make your bathroom a space that is truly personalised to you and your family, glass is the perfect material. This is a great way to make your space fun, too!

There’s a reason that glass is making a splash in bathroom design. Here at Glass Inspirations, you can choose a toughened glass produced in any colour or pattern under the sun. With such a combination of durability, aesthetic flexibility and low maintenance, your new bathroom will likely become your favourite room in the house!